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Nurse Danny LLC has a no refund policy. No refunds will be issued.


Nursing School Tutoring is for students who are in a nursing program needing extra assistance with nursing exams, skills and understanding lecture content. Students can sign up for one on one or group tutoring. Tutoring is done face to face or virtual.
Nurse Danny Review offers the Most Popular 4 Week NCLEX Refresher Course and the NCLEX Mentorship Program. Both are great for first attempt and repeat test takers.
Nurse Danny recommends you sign up for the 4 Week NCLEX Refresher Course or the NCLEX Mentorship Program and purchase the 5 NCLEX assessments to be successful.
Nurse Danny Review offers NCLEX Assessments as a combination deal. These assessments include Select All That Apply, Priority and Delegation, Medical-Surgical, Fundamentals, Maternity, Pediatrics, Mental Health, Pharmacology, Dosage/Calculations, Math, and more.

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