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Dr. Danelle Nunaley, RN
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Dr. Danelle Nunaley obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing in 2008, Masters in Nursing in 2016, and a Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree in Nursing Education and Administration from Samford University in 2018, where she earned a 4.0 GPA in her class of doctoral colleagues and was awarded the Top of the class award. She has been a Registered Nurse 16 years and holds a Certification in Nursing Education. Dr. Nunaley has been teaching in nursing academia for over 10 years. Her first nursing education assignment was 4 years as a Practical Nursing Instructor and remaining time as a Registered Nurse nursing professor. Her current nursing academia tenure is teaching clinical and didactic instruction in Obstetrics, Newborn, Medical Surgical II, Mental Health Nursing for ADN, BSN, and MSN programs in Mississippi.

She has extensively worked in the NCLEX arena for 11 years, as the owner of Nurse Danny Review Services (Nurse Danny LLC) and Executive NCLEX Tutor. Nurse Danny Review Services provides NCLEX and Nursing School one on one tutoring, NCLEX refresher courses, Nursing Faculty Consulting in Curriculum Design for Next Generation NCLEX, Accreditation, Nursing faculty support, etc. globally. She is currently one of the world’s leading executive NCLEX educators. Nurse Danny has been able to leverage several NCLEX business contracts internationally. Recently, she has been featured on one of the top India learning platform website as a Top NCLEX Educator in the world. Since opening Nurse Danny Review Services, Dr. Nunaley has helped countless nursing graduates pass their NCLEX exam. She has incorporated the Next Generation NCLEX preparation in all her programs. 

Dr. Nunaley was awarded the Top Distinguished Businesswoman of 2022 and the Mississippi 2023 Businesswoman of the Year by the Mississippi Business Journal for the outstanding work she does with her students at Nurse Danny Review Services. Her recent award was from Brookhaven Magazine as 2023 Top 20 Under 40 Business Mover and Shaker of Brookhaven, MS. 

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We offer Nursing School tutoring, Our Infamous 4 Week NCLEX Refresher Courses, NCLEX Mentorship/ Remediation, Individual Plans, One on One Sessions, NCLEX Readiness Assessments to help you reach your goals of becoming a confident licensed Nurse.

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Pricing Plans

Premium Next Gen NCLEX Packages

-4 Week NCLEX Refresher Course

Next Generation case studies and assessments

-Virtual Meetings (pre recorded)

-All content needed to pass

-*Live Dissect NCLEX Questions Meeting (pre recorded) 

-Priority & Delegation in Week 3

-* Free 52 question NCLEX Assessment in Week 4 

*1 NCLEX Readiness Exams

-24/7 Text Support


Elite Mentorship Next Gen NCLEX Packages

Recommended for Repeat Test Takers

-4 Week NCLEX Refresher Course

-Next Generation case studies and assessments

-Virtual Meetings (pre recorded)

-All content needed to pass

-*Live Dissect NCLEX Questions Meeting (pre recorded)

-Priority & Delegation in Week 3

-* Free 52 question NCLEX Assessment in Week 4

-24/7 Text Support

*2 NCLEX Readiness Exams

-**1  hour 1 on 1 Session with #1 NCLEX Tutor (virtual or face to face)

Individual Plan Next Gen NCLEX Packages

Recommended for Repeat Test Takers

-4 Week NCLEX Refresher Course

Next Generation case studies and assessments

-All content needed to pass

-* Live Dissect NCLEX Questions Meeting (pre recorded)

-Priority & Delegation in Week 3

-* Free 52 question NCLEX Assessment in Week 4

-24/7 Text Support 

*3 or 4 NCLEX Readiness Exams

*2 or 3  1 hour 1 on 1 Session with #1 NCLEX Tutor (virtual or face to face)


Nursing School Exam Tutoring Sessions

-Individual 1 on 1 Tutoring sessions

-Group Tutoring sessions (2 or more)

-Cover all content needed to pass Nursing School Exam 

*Must speak with Tutor immediately after booking session by texting 601-695-6777

-Confidential (must sign agreement)

-Must book sessions at least 1 week before services are rendered

ACT Package

-ACT Prep Course

-4 ACT Subjects Covered

-4 hours of instruction with Tutor

-All content and notes provided

-Face to Face Class Option Available

-Virtual Option Also Available



Nurse Danny has been to several Next Generation NCLEX workshops and have updated and incorporated Next Generation NCLEX items and case studies in the current programs offered. 

Nurse Danny Review Services offers the Most Popular 4 Week NCLEX Refresher Course, NCLEX Mentorship, Intense Remediation for NCLEX. Nurse Danny works with first time test takers as well as repeat test takers. Elite  Mentorship or Intense Remediation Program is highly recommended for Repeat test takers. Nurse Danny also provides one on one NCLEX tutoring for students needing more one on one help. 

Nurse Danny Review offers 1 Free 52 question NCLEX Practice Assessment with the 4 Week Refresher Course. Other NCLEX Practice Assessments can be purchase as a combination deal or in a package. These 6  assessments mimic the real NCLEX. These assessments include Next Generation item types,Select All That Apply, Priority and Delegation, Medical-Surgical, Fundamentals, Maternity, Pediatrics, Mental Health, Pharmacology, Dosage/Calculations, Math, and more.

Nurse Danny recommends repeat test takers sign up for the Elite Mentorship NCLEX Program or the Intense Remediation Program to be successful. If you have questions text 601-695-6777 to consult with Nurse Danny about the best program package for you.

Nursing School Tutoring is for students who are in a nursing program needing extra assistance with nursing exams, skills and understanding lecture content. Students can sign up for one on one or group tutoring by clicking on the register link under Nursing School Tutoring section of the website or texting 601-695-6777. Tutoring is done face to face or virtual. Confidentially is maintained for both parties. 

Since you will have access to content in the learning portal there will be No refunds issued.

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Student Reviews

Thanks to this refresher class I passed on the first try! The material she provides really helps break down the tougher subjects. I would highly recommend to anyone who has just graduated or even while you're stillin school! She's the best!!
I took nurse danny's 5 week refresher course and i'm so thankful I did. After three attempts, over two years i FINALLY passed NCLEX-RN on the fourth try. I am so thankful to have had her advice and support though this journey!
I had the BEST experience with nurse Danny. I took my NCLEX in September & failed.I signed up for nurse Danny's 5 week refresher and took my NCLEX again at the end of October and PASSED!! definitely recommend using the 5 week refresher course she offers!
Nurse Danny was truly a life saver. After failing NCLEX 4 times I gave up all hope for passing and becoming a nurse. I came across Nurse Danny’s Review Services and I went for it. I took the 4 week refresher course and it was absolutely life changing. If you are struggling with anything, I highly recommend Nurse Danny. I just took my NCLEX and passed! So thankful for Nurse Danny and her services I could not do it without her.
I took Nurse Danny refresher course one week after graduation from nursing school. I passed my Nclex on the first attempt. The course was very helpful and the staff is amazing. The material was very helpful and made me successful with testing. I think every nursing graduate should to take this course. I’m beyond thankful for Nurse Danny and her team. Thank you!
Shelita Smith
I found out about Nurse Danny when I first started nursing school and loved that she had a high success rate with passing the NCLEX so I decided to use her program. In June, I enrolled in her 5 week Refresher Course for the NCLEX-RN. Each week we were given 7-8 different topics with the most important content that we needed to know for the exam. After studying the information we had practice tests that we had to do & we’re able to do them multiple times if needed. The one resource that she used to help learn this information was that Saunders NCLEX Guide. We even had a free PDF copy of the book that was provided by her and her staff. On our last week, we were given an assessment to see just how ready we were for the exam. I won a free assessment through her company as well and it helped a lot. I loved how dedicated the staff was to making sure we had everything we needed and checked to see if there was anything that they could do for us. Nurse Danny even took the time to break down certain topics for us when we had our weekly zoom calls. If you’re looking for a course to use, I would recommend this one.
I would just like to give a thank you to Nurse Danny and her team, I took the 5 week refresher course after being out of school 9 years and I took my test on 5/21/21 and I found out on 5/23/21 I passed. I can’t thank them enough. During the review they called and checked on me and they were available all the time. They even checked on me after completing the review class and ensured me that they would be there to help until I accomplished my goal. So yes I would recommend the program. So with the help of Nurse Danny and her Team and of course God and prayers I can finally say I am a RN❤️ Delayed but not Denied 👩🏾‍⚕️ Lacey Terrell, RN
I will highly recommend Nurse Danny. I took the refresher course after being out of school for almost a year for my RN. I was bridging over from my LPN to RN. I took my boards before but wasn’t successful. A friend referred me to nurse Danny. A week after completing their 5 week refresher course I took and pass my boards. The staff is friendly and organized. When I did not understand something I reached out via email and she called to explain and made sure I understood the content. I appreciate everything her and her staff have done for me to help me achieve my goal.
I found Nurse Danny through Facebook because someone that I knew ended up sharing the page. I wasn't really sure about trying the program, but decided to go ahead and give it a try because I really needed and wanted to pass the NCLEX very badly. I signed up for the 4-week refresher course, which included 1 free assessment at the end of the course. Each week we were giving topics and an assignment to complete by a certain date. It started off with something simple, such as fundamentals, and progressed to more complexed subjects each week. As I completed the course, I still had my doubts. I felt like I still knew NOTHING for NCLEX. I voiced my concerns to Nurse Danny and she immediately called me. She reassured me that I may not feel like I took in anything from the course, but in actuality, I did. After having that conversation with her, I decided to purchase two more assessments from her. After I completed those assignments, she gave the OK to go ahead and take the test. I scheduled my test for Wednesday, August 10, 2022. I found out today, August 12, 2022 that I passed NCLEX! I really do recommend this course for anyone.


35 Question NCLEX Assessment

Do you want to test your knowledge to see if you are ready for your NCLEX?