The Best NCLEX Testing Times

Posted byDr. Nurse DannyDecember 10, 2021
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If you are a morning person, you should test in the morning. If you do not get your brain rolling until after lunch, it’s evident you should schedule your test for the afternoon time.  Personally, I am not a morningRead More »

5 Tips to Passing your NCLEX exam

Posted byDr. Nurse DannyNovember 24, 2021
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5 Tips to Passing your NCLEX exam 1. When studying it is important to have a plan. The most popular plans are 30 days/ 4 weeks, 40 days/ 5 weeks, or 60 days/ 6 weeks. 2. When making your studyRead More »

How Are You?

Posted byDr. Nurse DannyNovember 2, 2021
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The COVID-19 Pandemic has been very stressful to so many in healthcare. Some have to decide if they would like to receive a vaccination or not. Some are being mandated to get a vaccine or they will loose their jobRead More »

Nursing School

Posted byDr. Nurse DannyOctober 7, 2021
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Nursing school can be difficult. Sometimes it can be hard to find the best routine for you to learn and comprehend all of the material your instructors are giving you. Sometimes it can feel like test are coming back toRead More »